Cells, Organs and
Cells, Organs and Organisms
Question 1
Look at the picture of a tiger.
A tiger is an example of:
Question 2
This picture shows some of the structures that make up the tiger. Some of the parts of the tiger's digestive system are:
Question 3
This picture shows the tiger's heart. The heart is an example of an organ because it is made of different tissues. The aorta is a large artery and is made up of at least two different tissues including muscle tissue and connective tissue. This means that the aorta is considered to be:
Question 4
Look at this picture of muscle tissue from the tiger's heart. A tissue is:
Question 5
This picture shows a single muscle cell from the muscle tissue of the tiger's heart. The correct labels for X, Y and Z are:

Answer the questions to see how much you know about organisms, organs, tissues and cells.
Remember to read each question carefully.